Dog Freezes to death in Mon­treal home­less man's arms

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This is some­thing that should never have hap­pened, not here and not any­where, but un­for­tu­nately it has.The ques­tion of whether it could have been pre­vented is re­dun­dant at this point - a man's best friend died on the streets of Mon­treal in his arms, be­cause he had nowhere to go dur­ing last Thurs­day night's record break­ing tem­per­a­ture of -16C, with a wind chill of -26C.

Ac­cord­ing to a Mon­treal Gazette re­port, at 2:30am that night Chris­tian who is home­less, wrapped his dog Buddy, a Dober­man, with two blan­kets and held him in his arms - but Buddy still con­tin­ued to shiver badly. The Mai­son du Père, Old Brew­ery Mis­sion and the Ac­ceuil Bon­neau shel­ters were all full - and the only shel­ter in Mon­treal that even ac­cepts dogs, SOS It­inérance, had al­ready closed. In a panic, Chris­tian went to a nearby Metro sta­tion and 'rapped on the glass as hard as he could' - but when two in­spec­tors ar­rived, they re­fused to let him in as it was well past clos­ing time. Hav­ing nowhere to turn to, he re­turned to the streets. Not long af­ter - Buddy froze to death in his arms.

Un­der spe­cific cir­cum­stances, the STM does open its doors to the home­less, let­ting them in only dur­ing op­er­at­ing hours to warm up when it is cold out­side. In col­lab­o­ra­tion with the So­ciété de développe­ment so­cial (SDS), the STM has set up 'ser­vice points' in five metro sta­tions to help the home­less find the ser­vices they need, they also pro­vide a shut­tle ser­vice to the Old Brew­ery Mis­sion from the Bon­aven­ture metro sta­tion - avail­able only in the win­ter start­ing on De­cem­ber 1st.

There are no fur­ther de­tails yet on what tran­spired and ques­tions still need to be an­swered - in­clud­ing the pos­si­bil­ity of whether Chris­tian might have been in­tox­i­cated and act­ing ag­i­tated. In the mean­time, a man just lost his warmest con­nec­tion the world - and a dog lost his life, in a most hor­ri­ble way.

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