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One of the best strength train­ing ex­er­cises is the Bar­bell Squat. The trans­fer to func­tion is high and as a multi-joint ex­er­cise the Squat is a foun­da­tional ex­er­cise that pri­mar­ily en­hances strength in the Legs and Hips, but also re­quires in­volve­ment of Core mus­cles and the up­per ex­trem­i­ties.

It might be safe to say; If you had to choose only one strength train­ing ex­er­cise, the Bar­bell Squat might be the ex­er­cise of choice.

It is im­por­tant to keep safety in mind when you are strength train­ing. Lift­ing near max­i­mum loads can be haz­ardous and if you sud­denly fail in your lift with­out a spot­ter, in­jury can re­sult. A spot­ter is some­one who is there to as­sist you as nec­es­sary, as you lift.

Per­form­ing Squats with heav­ier loads should not be per­formed ev­ery­day. At least a day of re­cov­ery should be planned be­tween heavy lifts. Squat­ting with just your body­weight hits a strength plateau quickly, but is a good start­ing point.To learn cor­rect Bar­bell Squat­ting tech­nique, it’s ad­vised to have a Coach who is an ex­pert in strength train­ing and un­der­stands any lim­i­ta­tions you may have.

Think of lift­ing (Per­form­ing Squats) two to three days per week, be­tween 50 & 100% of you 5RM (five rep­e­ti­tion max­i­mum) for 812 REPS (rep­e­ti­tions)/ 2-3 SETS. Pa­tience a small pro­gres­sion is the key to suc­cess­ful strength train­ing.

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