Dead End

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As Sta­ples of­fice sup­ply store ad­ver­tises, “It’s the most won­der­ful time of the year;”

How­ever, for some par­ents, they will be fac­ing the dreaded empty nest. For those who are moth­ers and fa­thers to the depths... this one’s for you (and for any­one else who may be tran­si­tion­ing into some­thing that doesn’t ap­pear to have a happy end­ing)! Some moms who are close to me are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing their chil­dren mov­ing out and are fac­ing empty rooms, empty chairs and empty drive­ways. Thank­fully, Lil Sweet Pea will be with us for sev­eral more years so we don’t have to cross that bridge yet!

As I’ve pon­dered this tran­si­tion in life, I am pur­posely pos­tur­ing my­self to be pre­pared for that day. I re­al­ize I haven’t walked through it yet but I have walked through some pretty chal­leng­ing changes in life and un­der­stand that there will be some sim­i­lar­i­ties. Be­cause I haven’t jour­neyed through the empty nest sea­son, I will cau­tiously en­cour­age you and in turn, you may need to en­cour­age me in the years to come!

I came across a quote by re­vival­ist Nate John­son that may fit this sea­son: “Some of you are frus­trated feel­ing as though doors are clos­ing, re­la­tion­ships are end­ing and fa­vor is lift­ing but the re­al­ity is that God is open­ing up greater doors, in­creas­ing your cir­cle, and giv­ing you fa­vor where you didn’t have it be­fore. When you cross the thresh­old it is cru­cial to ad­just your lens oth­er­wise you will only see a dead end in­stead of the promised land.” Can I gen­tly sug­gest that we ad­just our lenses to see far­ther than where we’ve fo­cused? Life as we know it may be over, but that is the only life we know. There is a new nor­mal that we’ve yet to ex­pe­ri­ence and we must be cau­tious to not stay fo­cused on the past and be open to the present and the fu­ture. When I think about those who went to check out the Promised Land and only two came back with a pos­i­tive re­port, I think about how many missed out on the bless­ings of the new sea­son be­cause of fo­cus­ing on the wrong thing! They fo­cused on the ob­sta­cles in­stead of the har­vest.

I be­lieve the se­cret to mov­ing from the old into the new is to change our fo­cus. Be­gin to fo­cus on oth­ers. There are count­less sin­gle moms or dads who would love a hand up. What about se­niors who are lonely? There are un­told ways we can in­vest in oth­ers! When the fo­cus shifts off of our­selves, we be­gin to see that there is a whole new world open­ing to many op­por­tu­ni­ties for lov­ing, laugh­ing and liv­ing. That is the key; shift­ing the fo­cus off of our­selves and onto oth­ers. When we be­gin to take a vested in­ter­est in an­other life, we can make ALL the dif­fer­ence in the world to that one! Ron­ald Rea­gan once said, “We can’t help ev­ery­one but ev­ery­one can help some­one.” When you feel as though you’ve lost some­one or some­thing, look and look again. There is a world that is wait­ing to be ex­plored. Go beyond your com­fort zone and reach out. I guar­an­tee you’ll thank me! It’s risky; yes. But if we don’t ever risk, we will stay in our lonely lit­tle world and when we stay in our lonely lit­tle world, we will die in­side. “With­out a vi­sion, peo­ple per­ish.” Ask Holy Spirit for eyes to see beyond the dead end. The Promised Land that is wait­ing for you! Scrip­ture ref­er­ence: Proverbs 29:18

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