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Many peo­ple are ma­ni­acs and un­less they com­mit crimes or are in­de­cent, most of “us” just live with our ma­nias. The smar­ty­pantsknow­itall­guys say that an obsession with some­thing is a ma­nia. When the term is used in a med­i­cal sense, it usu­ally de­scribes a men­tal dis­or­der. They say that recog­ni­tion of a prob­lem is the first step to re­cov­ery. I am tak­ing that brave, heroic, coura­geous, dar­ing and daunt­less step by ac­knowl­edg­ing some of my...ahem… ma­nias. Please be pa­tient with me as I chal­lenge my­self in my eter­nal quest for self-im­prove­ment.

Now just be­cause I am smart, good look­ing, brag a lot and am very proud of the fact that I have had 4 great years of grade 8, I ap­par­ently am an ego­ma­niac. Cool! Now I have an­other thing to brag about! This ego­ma­niac thing is easy… yet an­other thing to brag about!

I love mu­sic; it is an im­por­tant part of my day with prac­tice, re­hearsals and per­for­mances some­times amount­ing to as many as 8 hours a day. I am in­volved in three or four mu­si­cal projects and it would be a safe state­ment to say I might be ob­sessed. It would also be a safe state­ment to call me a melo­ma­niac, a mu­si­cal ma­niac, but I think I like the term “mel­low-ma­niac” much bet­ter be­cause this ma­nia keeps me calm, serene and some­what fo­cused.

We live in an area where main­tain­ing an out­door skating rink for more than 3 months is dif­fi­cult, but dur­ing those won­der­ful 3 months Mrs. B and my­self, are joined by many other mem­bers of the com­mu­nity who are ma­ni­acs. Rinko­ma­ni­acs, or peo­ple who are pas­sion­ate about ice skating, are part of most Cana­dian com­mu­ni­ties. While we all know about our ma­nia, we kind of keep it to our­selves be­cause it can be a source of na­tional and self-pride. I skate when I can and I am a great skater…dang it, there goes that ego­ma­niac thing again!

If you called me a tech­no­ma­niac, I would just laugh at you and go back to do­ing things the old-fash­ioned way…by hand! Some­one who is ob­sessed with tech­nol­ogy would suf­fer if they were sep­a­rated from any of to­day’s tech­no­logic ad­vance­ments; that is a tech­no­ma­niac. When we have our fam­ily gather­ings, it be­comes ob­vi­ous to me that mem­bers of my clan are tech­no­ma­ni­acs hooked on tech­nol­ogy. Af­ter a great meal, we all sit around the house and text and email each other about what to have for dessert. Sigh, some­times the truth hits close to home. I once was a Stu­dent Trans­porta­tion Spe­cial­ist and miss most things about the job as a school bus driver. One thing not missed is cop­ing with the many rhinotillex­o­ma­ni­acs that I had to deal with vir­tu­ally ev­ery day. Un­less you have been a school bus driver, you never know how to han­dle the lit­tle ones who are, or seem to be, ob­sessed with pick­ing their noses. Rhinotillex­o­ma­nia is one of the most com­mon rea­sons that school bus divers quit. That and the fact that par­ents and school boards now frown on the use of tasers or cat­tle prods as a form of stu­dent con­trol. For­tu­nately, I quit when they re­moved the ash­trays for the driv­ers…and the stu­dents!

We have all been af­fected by, or have seen ma­nias and ma­ni­acs come and go…Beatle­ma­nia, Hula-hoops, fid­get-spin­ners and the list goes on with new ma­nias seem­ingly ap­pear­ing ev­ery day. I am an eter­nal op­ti­mist and my new ma­nia is a hope that the world be­comes ob­sessed with com­mon sense and de­cency, there­fore be­com­ing peace­ma­ni­acs.

Hey! Wait a minute! Didn’t we try that a few decades ago? Maybe it’s time for peace­ma­nia to be a “new” fad.

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