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In­di­vid­u­als ex­pe­ri­enced a bit of nos­tal­gia when they vis­ited the Homestead Ae­rial trav­el­ling photo archive that was avail­able for view­ing at the Town ‘n Coun­try Mall. Homestead Ae­rial, a Cal­gary based com­pany stopped in Moose Jaw to share ae­rial pho­tos of farms, small towns, churches and busi­nesses dat­ing back as far as the 1950s. The busi­ness spe­cial­izes in Ae­rial pho­tog­ra­phy, us­ing their re­mote-con­trol drone al­low­ing for steady, high qual­ity ae­rial shots of al­most any build­ing, per­sonal or com­mer­cial events and func­tions, as well as el­e­va­tion pho­tos for high rise con­struc­tion to help pre-sale the view of con­dos. They are Trans­port Canada cer­ti­fied. Homestead Ae­rial also main­tains a large li­brary of ae­rial land, farm and build­ing pho­tos from 1953 to 2001. They do cus­tom framing for any pic­ture with sev­eral for­mats and op­tions to choose from. For one cus­tomer, visit­ing Ae­rial Photo’s booth at the mall led to a pleas­ant sur­prise. Al­lan Ganzer came in search of ae­rial shots of his fa­ther’s yard for his chil­dren who wanted a pic­ture of the yard where they shared many child­hood mem­o­ries. Sur­pris­ingly, not only did Ganzer find what his chil­dren have been search­ing for, but he also found an orig­i­nal photo of his grand­fa­ther’s home/yard in Re­ward Town, Sk.

Ganzer was ex­cited to find these mem­o­ries. “It was im­por­tant for me to come here to­day to search for some­thing that’s close to the fam­ily. My chil­dren have been look­ing for some ae­rial pho­tos of their grand­fa­ther’s yard that they re­mem­bered as chil­dren. I didn’t re­al­ize that these peo­ple had pho­tos back as far as they do. I’ve ac­tu­ally found pho­tos of the orig­i­nal yard, and one of my grand­fa­ther’s yard too. So, I’m go­ing to talk to other fam­ily mem­bers and see if they want copies. We go to Cal­gary fairly reg­u­lar, so I’ll even drop in to see Homestead Ae­rial again when I’m there to look at more of their pho­tos,” he said. “The year that I was look­ing for was 1990 to 1992. I’m im­pressed that Homestead had pho­tos back that far. I didn’t re­al­ize they took ae­rial pho­tos in that era, as far back as the 1950s. It is pretty neat to see.”

Owner Kim Bes­sette said even though cus­tomer traf­fic was steady dur­ing the two days, most peo­ple found what they were look­ing for; whether it was a farm, small town or com­mer­cial build­ing. “Mainly, what we found here in Moose Jaw is peo­ple look­ing for farms all over the prov­ince, not just the Moose Jaw dis­trict. We had a lady from north Win­nipeg who vis­ited us, as well as peo­ple from Al­berta. We never get to bring enough pho­tos but for per­sons look­ing for more pho­tos, we can find those back at the of­fice in Cal­gary. The turn out was re­ally good and a lot of peo­ple found what they were search­ing for as well as places they were not even look­ing for, so it was good to be in Moose Jaw. These pho­tos con­tain lots of mem­o­ries for peo­ple and they hold them close to their hearts be­cause some of these pho­tos are even per­son­al­ized, whereas they would see peo­ple walk­ing in the yard or on the farm when the pho­tos were taken.” Homestead Ae­rial Photo says its mis­sion is, “help­ing fam­i­lies pre­serve a small piece of their fam­ily his­tory through the archival li­brary, so that it may be passed down and an ac­cu­rate photo of the hard work that was put into the fam­ily homestead.”

To know more about Homestead Ae­rial and how you can get in touch to find that ae­rial photo you’ve been look­ing for, visit http://www.home­

“These pho­tos con­tain lots of mem­o­ries for peo­ple and they hold them close to their hearts...”

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