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Given the op­por­tu­nity, some folks will find a way to be of­fended by just about any­thing, and to be hon­est that is what free­dom is all about. With ac­cess to the world, via the in­ter­wwweb, folks have so many more op­por­tu­ni­ties to be of­fended and pre­dictably some of the “of­fen­sive” top­ics are well… silly. Po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness has taken over the world and while it means we are be­com­ing more ed­u­cated and aware it also means that some of us may go off the deep end and go over­board. I hope that last line does not of­fend any divers or boaters.

Lately, some­one with too much time on their hands has an­a­lysed an old Christ­mas stan­dard — or should I say a “sea­sonal” stan­dard, so I do not of­fend any­body — and de­cided that a song writ­ten more than 75 years ago is now of­fen­sive to them. The song, “Baby It’s Cold Out­side” was orig­i­nally a game played by hus­band and wife do­ing a call and re­sponse type song/game, and when the hus­band (song­writer Frank Loesser) pub­lished the song in 1944 the wife was upset…un­til the roy­al­ties started to roll in. She was not of­fended by that. The song never even re­ally men­tions Christ­mas.

The “win­ter” song was used in the movie “Nep­tune’s Daugh­ter” with Es­ther Wil­liams and Ri­cardo Mon­tal­ban do­ing the call and re­sponse, and to be hon­est when I watched the clip, I felt that “Es­ther” more than held her own. For ev­ery “ro­man­tic” line that was used by “Ri­cardo” she had a snappy and prompt re­tort and it has been sug­gested that her come­backs could ac­tu­ally be used as an ed­u­ca­tional tool for the “Me Too Move­ment,” who seem to be the song’s eas­ily of­fended folks.

The ef­forts to have the song banned have been some­what suc­cess­ful, to a de­gree, but the con­tro­versy has pushed the many cover ver­sions to the num­ber one sell­ing song of the sea­son and per­haps the year. Not only that, but there are now so many new comedic par­o­dies that the in­ter­wwweb has pages and pages of the many new lyrics.

The in­ter­est in the po­lit­i­cally in­cor­rect lyrics has sparked out­rage (fake and real) over what might be taken as of­fen­sive lyrics in many other Christ­mas/ sea­sonal songs. I am fake out­raged at the lyrics in “Jin­gle Bells” and to be hon­est I don’t think it is any­one’s busi­ness how much jin­gle I have, ex­cept for the maybe the tax guy. Some folks are said to be overly sen­si­tive to the lyrics of “White Christ­mas” and I think they need to give their snow globe heads a shake and watch the snowflakes set­tle if they think it is a racist song.

The song “I Saw Mommy Kiss­ing Santa Claus” is also get­ting a lot of at­ten­tion these days be­cause the overly po­lit­i­cally cor­rect com­mu­nity has sug­gested the lyrics might ad­vo­cate adul­tery (by the mother), voyeurism (by the child) and aban­don­ment, be­cause where was daddy when this was hap­pen­ing? But wait, other peo­ple are say­ing that it might be pos­si­ble to see “Daddy Kiss­ing Santa Claus” as well, and I guess fair is fair.

An­i­mal rights ad­vo­cates are ques­tion­ing whether or not “Ru­dolph the Red Nosed Rein­deer” is a case of ex­ploita­tion and if his red nose is the re­sult of abuse or if it is a med­i­cal con­di­tion. Per­haps Santa’s Red Nosed Guid­ance Sys­tem is an il­le­gal use of an em­ployee and he might need a good labour lawyer. I heard a ru­mour that Santa al­ready has a crim­i­nal lawyer on re­tainer be­cause of his “creep­ing” around rooftops. I will not let po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness get in my way of shar­ing a beau­ti­ful time of year with the fam­ily and friends I am so for­tu­nate to have…how about you?

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