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Happy New Year dear read­ers! I was rem­i­nisc­ing of some of my child­hood mem­o­ries of past Christ­mas hol­i­days and New Years Eve ex­pe­ri­ences. One that comes to mind was when I was prob­a­bly 12 or 13 years old; my fam­ily had been in­vited to some nearby neigh­bors for the evening. This fam­ily had blessed Sis and I many times through­out the years; tak­ing us golf­ing at the Hill­crest Golf Course (rent­ing a golf cart was the high­light!), count­less War­rior games and al­ways stop­ping at the Snow Hut on our way out of town so we knew that New Years Eve would be no dif­fer­ent. Let’s just say the ban­quet ta­ble was over­flow­ing with food, salty and sweet. The three of us kids made our home on the liv­ing room floor while we set­tled in for a night of games for hours on end. We also had treats along­side us as we played. It was a kids’ dream come true.

The treats I had eyed up were those pas­tel-col­ored party mints. You know the kind... the lit­tle wafer-type con­fec­tionary made by Al­lan called “Misty Mints” – smooth mint drops. They were sep­a­rated in four com­part­ments of or­ange, mint, peach and pep­per­mint fla­vors and came in a rosette shape; made of some­thing like white choco­late, but flavoured with mint. That New Years Eve I kept eat­ing and eat­ing and eat­ing those de­li­cious morsels un­til the clock struck mid­night when I be­gan to feel nau­seous and sick to my stom­ach. We had such a fun night of games and eat­ing but it was spoiled by my overindul­gence of Misty Mints. Un­for­tu­nately, since Her­shey bought out the Al­lan con­fec­tionary com­pany, they dis­con­tin­ued this candy; maybe this is for my bet­ter­ment.

This re­minds me of the true story of the Amalekites who “...had made a raid against the Negeb and against Zik­lag ... And when David and his men came to the city, they found it burned with fire, and their wives and sons and daugh­ters taken cap­tive.” When David found out, he and his men were very dis­traught. En­cour­ag­ing him­self in the Lord, he en­quired of Abiathar, the priest, of what to do. The priest an­swered him, “Pur­sue, for you shall surely over­take and shall surely res­cue.” So David set out, find­ing a young Egyp­tian along the way who had been with the Amalekites but left be­hind due to ill­ness. Af­ter David nursed him to health, the young man di­rected David and his army to the en­e­mies. When they ar­rived, they found the men “...spread abroad over all the land, eat­ing and drink­ing and danc­ing, be­cause of all the great spoil they had taken from the land of the Philistines and from the land of Ju­dah. (So) David struck them down from twi­light un­til the evening of the next day, and not a man of them es­caped, ex­cept four hun­dred young men, who mounted camels and fled. David re­cov­ered all that the Amalekites had taken, and David res­cued his two wives. Noth­ing was miss­ing, whether small or great, sons or daugh­ters, spoil or any­thing that had been taken. David brought back all.”

I think it is safe to say we’ve all overindulged in some­thing at some point in our life. The dan­ger is to live with no bound­aries, greed and not know­ing when to stop, thus find­ing our­selves reap­ing the con­se­quences. Have a safe and self-con­trolled New Years!

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