Tak­ing back Christ­mas

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Last year I strolled through the stores look­ing for gifts for my chil­dren. With each one I pur­chased, I felt like it was just one more thing to go in the toy box, up on the shelf, or maybe even into stor­age be­cause who knows? Maybe they will want to pass it on to their child and blah blah blah. But there was one gift that stood out; the gift that com­pletely changed my thoughts about Christ­mas.

I have never been much of a Christ­mas per­son. Ev­ery year I sit back and try to process the rea­son why, and ev­ery year it seems I come up with a dif­fer­ent rea­son and then next Christ­mas comes and it starts all over again. But this year, it’s dif­fer­ent. This year I am tak­ing back Christ­mas and mak­ing it my own. All be­cause of one gift.

This gift was re­ally noth­ing spe­cial, so why I pur­chased it I have no idea. It was on sale and I needed one more gift for my two-year-old. It was a play set with 10 jars and each jar was la­belled with a num­ber and in­side the jar was an equal num­ber of fake fruit or veg­eta­bles. I thought it would be great for him be­cause now he could learn to count. I pic­tured my­self sit­ting on a bare car­pet with no other toys around, ex­cept for the ones that were neatly put away in the toy box that was in per­fect con­di­tion. I could see us emp­ty­ing each jar, count­ing the items and then putting them neatly back in the jar. After we were done, we would put them away on the neatly or­ga­nized shelf that my hus­band would put up at my son’s height so we could do this over and over again. It would be won­der­ful. What a great gift!

Not. So. Much. We played with them on Box­ing Day. Within a month, there were two straw­ber­ries when there was sup­posed to be four, green pep­pers in the toi­let and chewed up plas­tic corn on the cob un­der the couch. In the spring I found plas­tic broc­coli in the melt­ing snow and grapes in the mit­tens. Last week I threw out the last jar.

The back­ground toy box is bro­ken and cov­ered in a va­ri­ety of things, likely in­clud­ing snot. The shelf that was to be hung still sits in the garage in the pack­age, and will likely go on the Face­book as an auc­tion in the spring when I re­duce the clut­ter. This was not what I had pic­tured when I bought this toy. Not at all.

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