Cat Queen

This re­gal fe­line rules with a vel­vet paw

More of Our Canada - - Con­tents - By An­gel Ed­wards, Van­cou­ver


Once upon a time, with her crim­son vel­vet cape flow­ing with grace along the back of a grand black horse, the lady bared to the crowd her naked face. Amid gasps of joy and won­der­ment, the hand­some head of a white cat ap­peared and she blinked her emer­ald eyes, purring with con­tent­ment.

The crowd in uni­son ap­plauded her, their most beloved Queen. Adorned in fe­line fur, the five tall hares who served her Royal High­ness, gen­tly es­corted the Cat Queen through the sil­ver doors of the Amethyst Palace, where the as­sem­bled Royal Court awaited her pres­ence. She sat be­fore her court upon the cush­ioned throne, stun­ning in her mag­nif­i­cence.

Queen Purrr was grac­ing the city with her pres­ence, be­cause she was sum­moned to cast judge­ment and sen­tence upon the cul­prit, a slen­der pink Canada goose. He was ac­cused of writ­ing a naughty and in­sult­ing song about the Queen’s huge, white be­hind. The poor crea­ture quiv­ered with ner­vous­ness, his spindly legs wob­bled as the bird tried to stand.

Queen Purrr, be­ing kind hearted, de­manded that the goose be for­given for this silly of­fence and im­me­di­ately turned loose.

The Queen dis­missed the court and the as­sem­bled cats, dogs and mice. The wise owls and tigers lin­gered be­hind, to ask the queen for ad­vice, whilst lap­ping rich cream from gold tea dishes.

The owls and tigers bravely spoke their wishes; they de­manded power over all the king­dom’s birds and fishes. The Cat Queen gig­gled and de­nounced such a no­tion; “The sky is not yours to rule” she scolded! “Nor is the Sap­phire Ocean.” Queen Purrr made a ma­jes­tic de­par­ture, a large crowd of an­i­mals fol­low­ing after her. She threw ruby coins as she trot­ted proudly down La Grande Rue, over hill and over dale un­til her re­gal fig­ure dis­ap­peared from view. The Cat Queen was in a hurry to keep a ren­dezvous, a pre-ar­ranged en­counter with Gen­eral Blue—an el­e­gant black pan­ther, who had cap­tured her heart with his soul­ful deep singing and his knowl­edge of art. Both were fe­line and seemed to be a fine pair, Blue gave Purrr an emer­ald ring, she gave him her queen­dom to share. The wed­ding was a stu­pen­dously grand af­fair. All the an­i­mals of the land, wa­ter and air, were in­vited. With the feast­ing, danc­ing and mu­sic play­ing, the party just went on and on. The guests ended up stay­ing at the Amethyst Palace for 20 hours too long; it was a fab­u­lous wed­ding cel­e­bra­tion. The cats ruled the small em­pire with calm through many happy days. This is above all a happy story; after you read it, I hope the feel­ing stays. ■

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