More of Our Canada - - Funny Stuff - Joan Janzen, Kin­der­s­ley, Sask.

You may be fa­mil­iar with the term, “wed­ding crasher,” an un­in­vited guest who man­ages to blend in with the in­vited guests and may re­main un­de­tected. Well, at a re­cent wed­ding, while help­ing pre­pare the lunch, some­one spot­ted an un­in­vited guest lurk­ing about.

”What should we do about the go­pher in the kitchen?” he asked.

”The what?” was the sur­prised re­sponse. A nearby door had been left ajar to al­low a cool breeze to flow into the kitchen—the same door through which the go­pher en­tered the build­ing.

A re­source­ful in­di­vid­ual man­aged to chase the crea­ture into a nearby util­ity room and shut the door, but not be­fore sev­eral chil­dren be­came aware of its ex­is­tence.

”Don’t kill it!” one child said.

”I want to take it home for a pet,” said an­other lit­tle girl.

Then the voice of re­al­ism piped up from one lit­tle boy who de­clared, ”Don’t you know? Go­phers are for shoot­ing!”

Be­fore long we man­aged to sat­isfy all the kids by “shoo­ing,” and not “shoot­ing,” the go­pher into a bucket and re­leas­ing it into the great out­doors. We did how­ever, cap­ture the mo­ment by tak­ing a few pho­tos of the “wed­ding crasher.”

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