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Don’t sanitize our history


Re: Britain Blocks Export Of Famed Wolfe Portrait, Nov. 13. If our collective memory is slipping away, then we have only to thank the social engineers who have expunged anything from the history books that indicated that there was any friction between the two solitudes, which is what most of our history is all about.

Gone is the song The Maple Leaf Forever, which depicts James Wolfe’s victory over Louis-Joseph Montcalm. We can’t have the French thinking that they were a defeated people. So General Wolfe, who should have been our greatest hero, is a non-person, and the song, which should have been our national anthem, is in the historical trash heap.

Whether we like to admit it or not, The Conquest was the pivotal event that was to form the basis of what was to later become the Dominion of Canada. Take that out and the thread of history is broken, because without it nothing that has happened since makes any sense. Roy Weston, Burnaby, B.C. Re: Our Collective Memory Is Slipping Away, Adam Chapnick, Nov. 13. One of the reasons for the lack of appreciati­on or knowledge of our history and traditions is the watereddow­n educationa­l system. The couple of high school courses related to Canadian history required variously across the country focus only on a few recent events, and with a politicall­y correct activist attitude. Depth and background are considered incidental and get in the way of establishi­ng the victimizat­ion of whatever group is considered disadvanta­ged or had some aspect of their human rights thwarted. Aubrey Millard, retired high school history teacher, Toronto.

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