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Show Frémont the door


Re: New Ottawa U. Head’s Track Record Cause For Concern, letter to the editor, Dec. 10. It would appear Ottawa University’s new president, Jacques Frémont, has no compunctio­n about suing “people who would write against … the Islamic religion,” thus mirroring the stance and adopting the mindset of his fellows in much of the Muslim world where censorship of speech with particular e- mphasis on criticism of religion is ac cepted without demur.

I- shall expect to hear the Ottawa Stu dent Federation — which with its ban on yoga classes has demonstrat­ed exquisite sensitivit­y to any instance of cultural appropriat­ion — has remained evervigila­nt in the defence of its conviction­s and demanded the immediate ouster of the eminent Prof. Frémont.

Carol- Faye Petricko, Toronto.

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