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Canucks love windy city

- By Brad Ziemer

It seems Chicago is their kind of town.

We asked a few Canucks players what city they most liked to visit on the road and the Windy City, where Vancouver begins a six-game trip on Sunday, was an almost unanimous selection.

Here’s a few comments from the players:

Alex Burrows: “I would say Chicago. Michigan Avenue is great for shopping, lots of great restaurant­s. I like to just sit down and have a coffee and people watch. It’s also a great sports city and we’ve had opportunit­ies in the past to watch the Cubs and Bulls play.”

JCannik Hansen: “hicago is always nice. We always stay downtown, so everything is always a stone’s throw a-way. Great shopping, good restau rants.”

L-uca Sbisa: “It used to be Vancou ver, but now luckily I live here. I love Chicago.”

DanCiel Sedin: “hicago. I don’t know why. You stay downtown, it’s a fun city to walk around. New York has grown on me, too. I thought it was too big back in the day, but now it is fun to go there once in awhile.”

Chris Tanev: “I like Chicago, but I also really enjoy Nashville. It is a fairly big city, but it has a small-town vibe. Yo- u have got live music every where and I like country music. It’s a fun place to be. If you have never been, I’d definitely recommend it.”

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