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Rein in government costs


Re: A Flawed Tax Plan, Charles Lammam and Ben Eisen, Dec. 10. Charles Lammam and Ben Eisen from t- he Fraser Institute offer a lengthy an alysis of the current tax proposals of the f- ederal government. It is inconseque­n tial to do so. In the end, any tax reform on the income side will be offset by the i- nsatiable desire of all levels of govern ment to increase their tax base. A tax reduction of few hundred dollars will be met by provinces and municipali­ties charging more for every conceivabl­e service and program.

A- ny discussion about tax reform is ir relevant if we do not address the everr- ising cost of the government, some thing few politician­s are willing to do. Putting more money in the pockets of the middle- income earners, as the two gentlemen suggest, does not mean they will spend it to stimulate the economy. I- t only means every level of the govern ment will feel more entitled to take it out.

Zdenek Kutac, Calgary. Everyone has missed the answer to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s tax problem: raising the goods and service tax by two points would generate $ 12 billion.

Brian Fairey, Waterloo, Ont.

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