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Giving can be its own reward, which is why Brian used his Aeroplan miles to give his cousin an impromptu trip so he could reconnect with his family. His cousin’s job relocated him to Halifax, but his wife and daughter remained in Cornwall, Ont., and he had not seen t hem i n over t wo months. So as a surprise, Brian booked a f light to Montreal, and arranged for the wife and daughter to pick his cousin up at the airport. The cousin was completely unaware, and many tears ensued. Where he travelled?

From Halifax to Montreal.

Why that trip was special? This was a gift to my cousin, who moved to Halifax for work some time ago. I used the miles so he could go see his wife and daughter, who still live in Cornwall, and whom he had not seen for some time. I had the privilege to make that happen. I travel a lot and had miles accumulate­d, so I could share them and help create a special time for him.

The memory you cherish most? As part of the ruse, I picked up my cousin and told him I had to go to the Halifax airport to get a parcel. He wondered why we were going to the main terminal, so I stopped and told him he was spending the weekend with his wife and child. That’s when he became a little teary- eyed. What I cherish most is the look on my cousin’s face when I gave him the ticket and said his wife and daughter would be meeting him in Montreal.

If you could go to Halifax, you’d?

Buy a property and stay there. When your friends go to Halifa x, you al ways recommend? Drive west to Chester and eat at the Rope Loft. Have the seafood chowder, because it’s the best on the south shore.

Where you’re going to next and why?

I am heading to Phoenix to visit with friends. In your experience, what is the best way to use the Aeroplan program? By helping other people create special times. My wife and I share our miles with family to bring them together.

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