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On the fifth anniversar­y of her father’s passing, Kathryne, her husband, and her mother travelled to Rome, the Greek Islands, and Venice. There, they scattered Kathryne’s father’s ashes into the Adriatic Sea, in a special ceremony on a cruise ship. They also climbed Mount Vesuvius to honour Kathryne’s recently departed brother. While paying tribute, the family got to share many memorable, happy moments they’ll treasure forever. Where you travelled? Rome, Città Vecchia, and a two- week cruise through the Greek Islands, ending in Venice.

Why the trip was special We got to fulfil my father’s dying wish by scattering his ashes into the seas. My father loved the water; he owned a boat, but over the years, he became hooked on cruises, going on over 50 of them! So he would have wanted to be returned to the water.

The memory you cherish most? The private ceremony on the beautiful ship. The captain calculated the exact spot, moment, and timing to drop that little blue biodegrada­ble package into the sea. The captain then bowed, lending so much dignity to my father’s final voyage. As well, in Venice, I met a taxi driver who shared the same birthday as my late brother’s. I was headed to Mount Vesuvius, which my brother climbed the last time he travelled before passing. I took it as a sign that my brother was watching over us.

The souvenir you brought home? The first is a map the captain signed, with the exact location where my father’s ashes were scattered. The second are vials of blessed holy water that I bought at a church in Turkey. I gave one to my mother, and another to a nun who taught at my boarding school, who’s one of my best friends.

When your friends go to Italy, you always recommend?

Learning about the history, and seeing the gorgeous architectu­re.

Where you’re going to next and why:? Next year is our 30th anniversar­y. We’ve always dreamed of going to Asia, so another cruise is part of our plan. In general, how do you use Aeroplan to make your travel plans happen? Any tips or tricks? I go to the Aeroplan website and look up promotions or ways to accumulate miles. I use my Aeroplan- affiliated credit card along with my Aeroplan card to double the miles. Collect enough miles and you could f ly first class! In your experience, what is the best way to use the Aeroplan program? I definitely like to use my Aeroplan miles on those dream vacations.

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