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Earlier this year, Lori, her husband Chris, and their three children journeyed to Tanzania, Zanzibar, Dubai, and Paris. Travelling in business class thanks to their Aeroplan miles, the family landed in Tanzania, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjar­o, where they went on a safari, getting up close — and sometimes a little too personal — with a wide array of wildlife. In Zanzibar, they went scuba diving. Then they reconnecte­d with old friends in Dubai, where they enjoyed a camel ride and taking in the view from the top of the Burj Khalifa. Finally, on the way back home, they stopped in Paris for one night, where they visited several historic sites. Where you travelled? On a safari in Tanzania, visiting the beach and scuba diving in Zanzibar, a desert adventure in Dubai, and Paris for a day.

Why that trip was special? It was to celebrate my husband’s 50th birthday, and we were able to provide much- needed school supplies, toys, sports gear, and shoes to Arusha- area children via the Arusha Children’s Trust.

The memory you cherish most? Being able to have such an amazing family experience in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

The souvenir you brought home?

Beautiful wildlife carvings, and over 5,000 photos.

Your favourite site on the trip and why? Serengeti National Park, where we saw a live cheetah kill, a leopard stalk her prey, hippos playing and fighting in the river, and a pride of lions lounging in the shade.

Your favourite meal on the trip and why? A pepper steak, which was so uniquely different from what we get in North America in flavour.

If you could go back to Africa, you’d? Go sand- tobogganin­g in Namibia, and microlight­ing over Victoria Falls. When your friends go to Africa, you always recommend? To make sure you have a good guide, and enough time to see and absorb everything. In your experience, what is the best way to use the Aeroplan program? It is our reward program of choice, and we try to use it with everything from gas and groceries to large- ticket items. Having duplicate cards helps collect miles faster. We then save up for the big trips, rather than use the miles on short- haul f lights. Don’t forget that you can top up missing miles by purchasing up to half of what is needed for a trip.

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