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How a family home with a large garden can feed a child’s love of good foods


Chef and food entreprene­ur Lidia Bastianich grew up in wartime Italy, surrounded by fresh food. Her extended family’s small farm had “pigs, goats, donkeys, chickens, ducks and rabbits. Behind the cantina [where they -made wine and smoked meat] was the vege table garden. We grew wheat for pasta and pressed our own olive oil,” she told the Wall Street Journal. They baked bread in com- munal ovens, and dipped it in the oil running down the stone press. She milked the goats a-nd made ricotta. There was a fig and a mul berry tree. “I remember picking potatoes still warm from the sun, as if they had life in them.” Now she lives in Queens, N.Y., with her 96-year-old mother, in a 1902 five-bedroom Tudor with a large kitchen — where mom “still tells me what to do.”

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