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In their good books

Decor lovers will appreciate one (or all) of these

- By Anita Murray

If home is where the heart is, give a gift that’s both from and for the heart. Here are several book options for the decor lover on your list.

Slowing down

The Kinfolk Home: Interiors for Slow Living, by Nathan Williams

Artisan Books, 365 pages, hardcover, $50

Ca- nadian author and Kinfolk maga z- ine editor- in- chief Nathan Wil liams follows up his 2013 book, The Kinfolk Table, with a broader look at the slow- living movement, which embraces slowing down, reclaiming o- ur time and devoting it to what ever brings us joy and meaning. Taking readers through 35 homes around t he world, he explores thoughtful­ly designed spaces that identify what’s important in their owners’ lives and how those spaces help them express it.

Child- sized Creative Children’s Spaces: Fresh and imaginativ­e ideas for modern family homes

by Ashlyn Gibson Ryland Peters & Small, 160 pages, hardcover, $42.95

Ca- pitalizing on the natural curios ity of children, author ( and interior designer, retailer and art director) Ashlyn Gibson offers tips, suggestion­s and guidance on creating an inspiring environmen­t that will encourage their i-magination­s, whether it’s their bed room, homework station or play area. She tackles what works and will grow w-ith them, and explores the key ele ments of successful children’s spaces, from colour to storage, display space and more.

Bac k to ba sics Mark Hampton on Decorating

by Mark Hampton Random House, 253 pages,

hardcover, $39

This reprint of a go- to reference b- ook for both profession­als and en thusiasts continues to offer design fundamenta­ls from acclaimed U. S. decorator Mark Hampton, who was posthumous­ly referred to as “one of the world’s 20 greatest designers of all time” by Architectu­ral Digest. Through a collection of columns first written for House & Garden and paired with his own watercolou­r illustrati­ons, Hampton offers advice that’s still relevant today.

Embrac ing winter Winter Living: An inspiratio­nal guide to styling and decorating your home for winter

by Selina Lake Ryland Peters & Small, 160 pages, hardcover, $42.95

If winter makes you want to cocoon, then create a warm and cosy home with the help of decorator Selina L-ake, who celebrates the “truly magic a-l” season with tips and ideas for put ting together uplifting interiors in winter. She explores various themes from homespun and faded grandeur to rustic and Scandinavi­an winter whites and shares how she gets her own home ready for the holidays with her romantic signature style.

Modern antiques Vintage Home: Using 20th- century Design in the Contempora­ry Home

by Judith Miller Firefly Books, 288 pages,

hardcover, $49.95

Billed as a comprehens­ive guide for anyone looking to break away from the flatpack generation and find f- urniture that is truly unique, an tiques expert Judith Miller explores h- ow to incorporat­e vintage furnish ings into the contempora­ry home. Part inspiratio­n and part resource guide, the book offers hundreds of examples for every budget and taste to produce an effortless­ly stylish look that draws from various 20thcentur­y eras.

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