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We started with a list of all charities that collected at least $ 1 m- illion in donations in 2013, then narrowed that down fur t- her to charities that do direct work, as opposed to redistribu­ting money to other charities. Because we want to compare charities that are of interest to all our readers across the country, we eliminated charities that focused on a certain region or were in other ways too narrow to have national appeal ( last year, for this reason, we eliminated all charities t- hat classified themselves as religious; this year, we con sidered religious groups on a case- by- case basis. That’s why the Salvation Army made this year’s list: it has a Christian m- ission statement, but it’s also the largest non- government al social services provider in the country, with fundraisin­g campaigns that appeal to people of all religious beliefs. We e- valuated the remaining list of charities based on the stan dards listed on the opposite page.

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