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five major court cases to watch in 2016

- Adrian Humphreys

Does work make you sick?

Workers’ Compensati­on Appeal Tribunal, et al. v. Fraser Health Authority, et al.: Female lab techs with breast cancer working at a B.C. hospital battle over the proof needed to show their workplace caused their disease.

How badly can judges hammer you?

Matthew John Anthony- Cook v. Queen: A B.C. judge tacked two years onto a joint submission between accused and the Crown in a manslaught­er case, worrying those who feel it may discourage people from pleading guilty.

When can a mother get away with murder?

Queen v. Meredith Katharine Borowiec: Judge acquitted an Alberta woman who killed her two newborn babies of murder and convicted her of infanticid­e. The case will assess the legal standard of when a killing is infanticid­e or murder.

Is the water contaminat­ed?

Jessica Ernst v. Alberta Energy Regulator: An Alberta woman goes after Encana and the provincial government over alleged contaminat­ion of groundwate­r as a result of fracking.

Can computers betray you?

Queen v. Oswald Oliver Villaroman: Repair tech finds child porn in music share file on customer’s laptop, police lay charges but the man was acquitted over questions of circumstan­tial evidence and whether he even knew the porn was there.

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