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Re: “The Great Green Car­bon Tax Grab,” by Ter­ence Cor­co­ran, Feb. 25

Cor­co­ran points out the claims that car­bon pric­ing is a “won­drous mar­ket mech­a­nism will de­liver Canada from the evils of cli­mate change” — and then he takes apart those claims.

Real cli­mate his­tory records over mil­lions of years that at­mo­spheric CO2 fol­lows the sig­nif­i­cant ups and downs in global tem­per­a­ture.

More re­cently, like in the 1990s, the warm­ing move­ment took to fore­cast­ing ex­tra­or­di­nary in­creases in tem­per­a­tures and it has not been hap­pen­ing. So the pro­mot­ers have been fid­dling the num­bers by low­er­ing the ac­tual record of some 20 years ago. This fakes an up­trend.

Any num­ber of physi­cists who are not seek­ing grants know that ac­tual cli­mate change is driven by pe­ri­odic change in the so­lar sys­tem. Even­tu­ally i nde­pen­dent re­search will pre­vail over pol­icy-driven ev­i­dence. It did in the early 1600s with the Vat­i­can’s pro­mo­tion that the so­lar sys­tem ro­tated around the Earth.

The mar­ket place can also ad­ju­di­cate fi­nan­cial pro­mo­tions.

In May 2014, the car­bon emis­sions con­tract was trad­ing at $ 4.91 and de­spite en­ergy prices de­clin­ing, it turned up. In an­tic­i­pat­ing all of the hype go­ing into the Paris con­fab that be­gan at the end of Novem­ber the emis­sions con­tract soared — to $8.65 at the end of Novem­ber.

Now the con­tract f or car­bon emis­sions has been crash­ing. This will even­tu­ally im­pair the no­tion that a huge tax har­vest can fix an im­per­fect cli­mate.

Bob Hoye, Van­cou­ver Un­til re­cently, few of us knew of the Cli­mate Change Mit­i­ga­tion and Low Car­bon Econ­omy Act and Canada’s Ecofis­cal Com­mis­sion. Alarm­ing terms and or­ga­ni­za­tions that ex­ist to tax the masses un­der the make- be­lieve con­tention that higher taxes will elim­i­nate cli­mate change.

Ex­cept for those who have a horse in the race, Cana­di­ans do not sup­port in­creased taxes, no mat­ter what the govern­ment tells them it needs the money for.

Gov­ern­ments have be­come too pow­er­ful in this coun­try. Im­pos­ing their views and ide­ol­ogy on those of us who do not share them re­quires the cre­ation of huge govern­ment bu­reau­cra­cies, at a sub­stan­tial fi­nan­cial bur­den to us all, to im­ple­ment their rev­enue- rais­ing schemes. Some­body please tell me how we stop this mad­ness.

Brent Black­burn, Orangeville, Ont.


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