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Chris Alexan­der Al­though he keeps show­ing up to events spon­sored by The Rebel, Alexan­der is ac­tu­ally one of the Red­der Tories on this list. And as a for­mer diplo­mat, his pol­icy pro­file is heavy on for­eign af­fairs: Fight­ing ter­ror­ism, de­ter­ring Rus­sian ag­gres­sion and end­ing com­mu­nism in Cuba.

Maxime Bernier The most lib­er­tar­ian can­di­date on the ros­ter, Bernier is for any and all Cana­di­ans who wish to be drunk on the rich boun­ties of lib­erty and free­dom. He’s the one dairy farm­ers hate and ston­ers love.

Steven Blaney Blaney is prob­a­bly best known for a prom­ise to ban niqabs at polling sta­tions and on pub­lic ser­vants. Since the race be­gan he’s vowed to cut im­mi­gra­tion and abol­ish na­tive re­serves. If you’re look­ing for a more high- en­ergy ver­sion of Kel­lie Leitch who can also speak French, he’s your man.

Michael Chong The only can­di­date promis­ing to keep the car­bon tax ( al­beit af­ter some rev­enue- neu­tral tweaks), Chong is stand­ing for what he calls the Con­ser­va­tive Party of the Fu­ture: Es­sen­tially, a Lib­eral gov­ern­ment with less spend­ing, more trans­parency and fewer hugs.

Pierre Lemieux One of two can­di­dates hold­ing aloft the so­cial- con­ser­va­tive ban­ner, Lemieux is an en­gi­neer and for­mer mem­ber of the Cana­dian Armed Forces. His French is also sur­pris­ingly bro­ken for a guy with the French­est name imag­in­able.

Deepak Obhrai The long­est- serv­ing Con­ser­va­tive MP in the House of Com­mons, Obhrai has still never man­aged to served in cabi­net, and his web­site ap­pears to be de­signed by ele­men­tary school­ers. As the only non- white can­di­date, how­ever, most of Obhrai’s press at­ten­tion has been when he urges col­leagues not to alien­ate brown peo­ple.

Kel­lie Leitch Canada’s Trump, al­though with­out the un­mis­tak­able je- ne- sais- quoi of the orig­i­nal — which is prob­a­bly to be ex­pected when at­tempt­ing a care­fully planned im­i­ta­tion of a man who says what­ever pops into his head. Leitch is for you if you think ev­ery­one’s too elite and there’s some­thing up with all the im­mi­grants.

Kevin O’Leary A mil­lion­aire, re­al­ity- show star and po­lit­i­cal rookie at­tempt­ing a rogue takeover of a coun­try’s con­ser­va­tive party. How­ever, O’Leary in­sists that’s where the com­par­isons to Don­ald Trump end. His cam­paign thus far has fo­cused on how Justin Trudeau is bad, Kevin O’Leary is good and his op­po­nents are un­electable di­nosaurs.

Erin O’Toole The “please, ev­ery­one, stop fight­ing” can­di­date, O’Toole is iron­i­cally one of two military veter­ans in the race. His web­site is filled with de­tailed, in­tri­cately re­searched po­si­tion- papers which, as we know, is the best strat­egy to get elected to po­lit­i­cal lead­er­ship these days.

Rick Pe­ter­son One of two busi­ness­men with no prior elec­toral ex­pe­ri­ence who is now run­ning for the Tories. From Vancouver, Pe­ter­son de­scribes him­self as a tra­di­tional Red Tory, al­beit one with an un­usu­ally busy tax- re­form agenda — namely, elim­i­nat­ing corporate in­come taxes, in­sti­tut­ing a flat tax and mak­ing up the rev­enue short­fall with more GST.

Lisa Raitt One of those rare MPs that ev­ery­body seems to like. Raitt’s goal seems to be to run a ver­sion of the Harper Gov­ern­ment less in­clined to piss peo­ple off. Her big con­tro­ver­sial pol­icy plank is cut­ting spend­ing and low­er­ing taxes.

An­drew Sax­ton Sax­ton, a for­mer North Vancouver MP, is prob­a­bly the most generic- brand lead­er­ship can­di­date. Not a lot of dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics, spe­cific plans or head­line- wor­thy po­si­tions. He’s re­ally only here be­cause we have to pre­tend he has a chance of win­ning.

An­drew Scheer The most widely en­dorsed can­di­date to date, Scheer was speaker of the House of Com­mons be­tween 2011 and 2015. He’s prob­a­bly the most Harper- es­que of the can­di­dates: A dwee­bish book­worm try­ing to keep ev­ery­one just happy enough to build an electable coali­tion.

Brad Trost Run­ning with the slo­gan “100% Con­ser­va­tive,” Trost is cut in the style of one of those old- fash­ioned Re­form Partiers Harper was so good at shush­ing: No abor­tion, no gay mar­riage, no mar­i­juana and hey … who says we can’t lock up Al­berta premier Rachel Not­ley?

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