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COPENHAGEN Norway’s security service says a 17- year- old has been arrested in connection with an explosive device found near a busy subway station in Oslo and defused before it detonated.

Signe Aaling, chief prosecutor with the PST security service, said Sunday that the youth was detained on suspicion of handling explosives.

Security service head Benedicte Bjornland says it’s unclear if the teen had plans to carry out an attack with the homemade device.

The youth was not identified, but Bjornland says intelligen­ce agencies were aware of him. Bjornland says he is an asylum- seeker from Russia who arrived in Norway in 2010.

Norway’s intelligen­ce agency says the terror threat against Norway has been increased for “a two- month period.”

The incident in Oslo came a week after the St. Petersburg subway was at- tacked by a suicide bomber in Russia, leaving 13 dead and scores wounded.

The Oslo explosive was found less than a mile from the government buildings that were damaged in a deadly bomb attack carried out by right-wing extremist Anders Breivik in 2011.

That bomb and a subsequent gun massacre at a Norwegian island killed a total of 77 people.

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