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- Sadaf Ahsan, National Post

Late Show’s Stephen Colbert took aim at the alleged battle for power between Donald Trump’s senior adviser (and son-in-law) Jared Kushner and chief strategist Steve Bannon, pictured, after reports Kushner had Bannon ousted from the National Security Council. “I’m not sure if he accomplish­ed his goal,” he jokingly said of Bannon’s council tenure. “There are still some Muslims in America.” There have been rumours Bannon calls Kushner a “cuck” – a pejora- tive among alt-right supporters aimed at “Republican­s in name only” – behind his back. Noting Bannon didn’t promptly quit his White House gig as he once promised, Colbert said, “Wait a second, Steve Bannon, you threatened to quit if you got kicked off the National Security Council, then you got kicked off and you didn’t quit. That’s a TCM ( Total Cuck Move), bro,” he said as the phrase appeared, bookended by two floating Bannon heads.

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