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- Post Sadaf Ahsan, National

Will there ever be an occasion that calls for pineapple on pizza? No. Never. And yet, this remains the debate of our times between men, women and children alike. It’s a discussion held the world over, and one that makes itself known every few months. Jumping into the food war is celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, boasting the kind of resumé that can easily put an end to this squabble once and for all. Fans have been tweeting Ramsay for months in hopes of having him either praise or eviscerate their home cooking, while others have simply been asking his opinion on certain meals. One such user tweeted Ramsay last week, writing, “sir regarding pineapple on pizza, pizza originated from creativity and initiative, please don’t confine pizza to strict rules.” Ramsay replied swiftly, complete with a sassy ellipsis: “Pineapple does not go on top of pizza.....” Debate over.

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