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What’s your cannabis legalizati­on game plan?


With recent reports that the federal government plans to legalize cannabis by next summer, entreprene­urs and enthusiast­s alike are preparing for new opportunit­ies. With the emerging cannabis industry estimated to be worth up to $ 22.5 billion, Canadians who want in are asking themselves what can be done now to reap the most benefit.

On this question, and many others, the knowledgea­ble people at BFT Consulting can help. Drawn from the team at Toronto’s GrowIt- All hydroponic­s and organic supply store, BFT Consulting can advise personal and commercial growers on the right cannabis cultivatio­n equipment, techniques and processing methods, to ensure the highest quality in the plants they grow.

“Growing the best cannabis is akin to brewing craft beer,” says Trevor Wilkinson, owner of Grow- It- All. “By choosing quality ingredient­s and using the right equipment you can focus your techniques to yield unique products that suit a variety of tastes.”

With more than 60 years of combined cannabis growing experience and a long history of helping medical marijuana patients solve their cultivatio­n problems, BFT Consulting includes Wilkinson, Marshall Black and Paul Norton. Black comes with a significan­t understand­ing of cannabis genetics, breeding and growing methods, plus a proven eye for detail and quality identifica­tion. Norton is a large- scale master cannabis grower with considerab­le experience in assisting licensed medical growing operations and assisting with licensed producer set-ups.

BFT Consulting has put together packages for prospectiv­e growers, including two recreation­al packages that are offered through Grow- It- All Hydroponic­s. These are being sold at affordable prices and are designed to ensure success.

When it comes to return on investment, the numbers speak for themselves. Well- publicized estimates f or legal cannabis range from $5 to $10 per gram and even higher. BFT Consulting’s compact three-foot-by-threefoot kit generates yields of around 400 grams per cycle. Comparing $ 4,000 of product to the kit cost of less than $ 1,000 demonstrat­es the value generated by current hydroponic­s technology at current market rates.

Growers should also keep safety in mind. With proper guidance, planning and quality equipment, a homegrowin­g solution can yield high quality as safely as growing orchids, tomatoes or any other plant. BFT Consulting’s kits are composed of CSA- certified products, and with BFT’s help, growers can be sure their system keeps proper air circulatio­n to prevent mould or fungus.

For entreprene­urs, the BFT Consulting team has the talent and experience to grow high- quality cannabis, which is the best way to stand out against competitor­s in the predicted $ 22.5 billion- a- year marijuana market in Canada.

“Whether you are in the planning process, have just received your licence or already have a licence and have operationa­l/ quality issues to tweak, the BFT Consulting team can do the job for you. The future is bright for creative entreprene­urs who can produce unique high- quality products,” says Wilkinson.

For serious growers, BFT Consulting’s cannabis consulting process begins with the space a client has allocated for their operation, be it a small- scale medicinal grow-op or a larger commercial facility. BFT Consulting can review a prospectiv­e grower’s proposed facility and come up with a plan that describes the various equipment, lighting and HVAC options needed.

In addition to advising on equipment and infrastruc­ture, BFT Consulting can also help with the subtle processes involved in cultivatin­g a variety of strains that will make cannabis an interestin­g field.

Looking forward, Wilkinson sees the same opportunit­y for diversific­ation that has spurred the growth of craft beer in the past few years. By cultivatin­g specific strains and applying techniques, the possibilit­ies for flavour profile and potency are broad.

Once a plant has fully grown, the next step to ensuring a successful grow is implementi­ng good postharves­t procedures and “curing.” BFT consulting walks growers though this phase to bring out the cannabis’ highest potential.

Whether the goal is a specific flavour, effect or yield, BFT consulting can match growers’ goals with the right grow and nutrient plan. Trip Tonic, for example, is a craft raw salt mix developed by Grow-It-All that has benefited local medical growers for a number of years. With many hydroponic and organic formulatio­ns available, entreprene­urs can benefit from product insights offered by their consultant.

For more informatio­n on BFT Consulting’s services, visit pages/bft- consulting

 ?? GETTY IMAGES ?? As cannabis legalizati­on in Canada looms, BFT Consulting’s team of experts can help personal and commercial marijuana growers ensure top quality in all aspects of cultivatio­n .
GETTY IMAGES As cannabis legalizati­on in Canada looms, BFT Consulting’s team of experts can help personal and commercial marijuana growers ensure top quality in all aspects of cultivatio­n .

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