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- Sadaf Ahsan

From chokers to bomber jackets, shoulder pads to capris, there are some fashion trends that are better left in the past where they belong – or at least in the clearance bin for the hipsters to find. Sure, we managed to revive cigarette pants, loafers and the occasional high-waisted pant, but that’s because those items are all about fit – the key to great style. But when one fashion revival proves successful, three more ( re) grow in its wake. Exhibit A: denim. The material has experience­d countless horrific washes throughout the decades, but in the last 10 years it seemed to settle with a clean, classic look. Until last week, when Nordstrom added the PRPS Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans in “indigo” wash.

If we turn to Merriam-Webster, indigo can be defined as “a deep reddish blue,” perhaps with a “coppery lustre.” But this “luxury” denim brand took things a step further, using “indigo” to disguise the real look of the jeans: a muddy splatter, fading into a dry olive, which itself fades into a light denim wash, sort of aping camo- style, but with dirt. These jeans aim to look as though you’ve been off- roading through a scenic desert, but in reality, they make you look like you didn’t make it to the bathroom in time.

But what if they’re repackaged as a sexy “indigo” and stamped it with a $ 600 price tag? Still not for you? Don’t worry. Levi’s and Vetements’ new denim hot pants – available in an early ’ 90s acidwash with a fun zipper that goes around and up the crotch, and a square seam to frame your lower butt- cheeks – are on sale now for a mere $ 1,600!

If you happened to live through the ’ 50s, ’ 60s, ’ 70s, ’ 80s or ’ 90s, it may be a little unusual to see the styles you once purchased in three- for- one deals at Walmart now be found in luxury department stores, repackaged with supposedly high- brand material for top dollar. And then it’s a whole other trip seeing high- schoolers stomp through a mall or subway car wearing those newly resurrecte­d trends as if they’re breaking barriers.

Those barriers were broken years ago for good reason. We moved forward with the understand­ing that less is more when it comes to fashion. Let’s not give up and turn back now.

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