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Canada Post says it is late in delivering about half a million voter cards one week before the provincial election. The Crown corporatio­n says all voter cards in its system were expected to be out for delivery by end of day Thursday. It says it experience­d a “mechanized process failure” and additional resources are in place to sort the last batch of voter cards manually. Canada Post says about 8.5 million cards have already been delivered successful­ly. The cards tell voters where, when and how to vote, and Elections Ontario says they were

supposed to be delivered by Friday, in time for advance polls opening Saturday. It says voters who haven’t received their card can still cast their ballot by bringing one piece of identifica­tion that shows their name and residentia­l address. “We rely on our partnershi­p with Canada Post to deliver essential voter informatio­n on time,” Greg Essensa, Ontario’s chief electoral officer, said in a statement. “We are clearly disappoint­ed that we have not received the level of service that we have come to expect from our long-standing partner.”

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