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Re: Ford platform omits vow of less spending, May 31

It doesn’t matter that Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford hasn’t added up how he is going to pay for his promises. The answer is simple: the taxpayers. Exactly the same people who will pay for the NDP and Liberal “freebies.” Why is the PCs’ fiscal omission such a newsworthy item?

However, no party has even dared to talk about how its government is going to tackle Ontario’s enormous debt if it is elected. And the public is too busy trying to choose the party promising the most “freebies.” Greed has no pride. It doesn’t give a hoot about the size of our debt, either. Jim McDonald, Dundas, Ont. Re: Ford’s buck a beer, Letter to the Editor, May 30

Unlike letter-writer Sarah Qureshi, even though I don’t smoke or drink, I endorse the buck-a-beer concept and would extend it to include lower tobacco prices. I resent “strategies” that discourage product usage through overregula­tion and pick people’s pockets by taxing the daylights out of it. In Ontario, this has helped foster a lucrative tobacco black market that the province has been ineffectiv­e in combating.

On a more whimsical note, as far as making the campaign “more attractive” and “making a difference,” lowering the price of Cialis and Viagra would certainly stimulate activity of a kind. John Winegarden, Scarboroug­h, Ont.

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