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Venture for canada is building a Better, More Innovative canada

- Tania Amardeil

While 83 percent of educators feel that youth are ready for work, only 34 percent of employers and 44 percent of youth agree. There’ s an increasing disconnect between the skills young people have and the skills they need. To navigate work postCovid-19 and in the future, young people need to master soft skills and entreprene­urial skills — like creativity, adaptabili­ty, and nimbleness. These skills are critical for future generation­s to succeed in the knowledge and digital economy.

The innovation and startup ecosystem must collaborat­e with government, post-secondary institutio­ns, and the private sector to build a thriving, youth-led Canada. Post- secondary institutio­ns, the public sector, and the private sector are all integral players in building a more workforce-ready society.

Venture for Canada ( VFC) is a connector that brings these sectors together. The charity fosters the entreprene­urial skills today’s students and graduates need to play a constructi­ve role in growing tomorrow’s rapidly- evolving economy. Its programs give participan­ts a line on jobs in burgeoning startups and small- and medium- sized enterprise­s (SMES), providing them with customized training, coaching, and peer networking. Vfc also supports the smes who employ its program participan­ts, post- secondarie­s, and industry organizati­ons to develop the entreprene­urial ecosystem. Cross- sector collaborat­ion, support, and partnershi­ps are essential for Canada’s thriving communitie­s.

Vfc is empowering youth to pursue entreprene­urial careers and to create positive social, economic, and environmen­tal impact.

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