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A fundraisin­g letter sent by new Conservati­ve Leader Erin O’toole to party members contains passages identical to sections of his rival Peter Mackay’s campaign website. The missive to members was sent earlier this month in the wake of O’toole's victory over Mackay in the August leadership vote. Portions of the letter about the impact of COVID-19, O’toole's vision for the party and a definition of conservati­ve values all contain the same sentences and phrasing as Mackay’s campaign website. Conservati­ve party spokesman Cory Hann says human error is to blame: a contractor hired to write the note drafted one version in the event Mackay won the contest, and one for an O’toole victory. Hann says content from the Mackay letter was inadverten­tly left in when the final version was put together.

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