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Re: American politics slips off the rails, Rex Murphy, Sept. 29

Rex Murphy’s side note on whether U. S. President Donald Trump will concede if he loses the election and his allegation of Democratic projection on the issue indicates he needs to be reminded of a few things. Firstly, Trump started his political career questionin­g the legitimacy of an elected office-holder. Secondly, Hillary Clinton conceded the day after the election in 2016 despite a popular vote victory and very narrow margins in three key states. Thereafter Trump was the undisputed president- elect and he was inaugurate­d on schedule. That’s the standard Trump should be held to. He and the Republican­s may then make Joe Biden’s life as difficult as they like (and they undoubtedl­y will). Thirdly, as far as concerns about whether he will leave being fantastica­l, Rex needs to listen to what Trump says.

Glen Mccann, Niagara Falls, Ont.

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