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Five things to know about autumn camping


Without an end to coronaviru­s in sight, people have embraced outdoor activities to regain some sense of normalcy — and travellers have turned to camping in record numbers. Outdoor adventures proved alluring in the spring and summer, but will we want to camp in the fall? Sure, as many places offer post- Labour Day discounts as an enticement. Here’s some practical advice.

1 The ultimate leaf- peeping opportunit­y

Think of Ontario cottage country, anywhere around

the Great Lakes, or the Eastern Townships and Gatineau in Quebec. In the West, mountain areas of B.C. and Alberta exhibit great colour

along with great scenery. Google “Canada fall foliage”

for specifics.

2 Call a gear shop

Fall camping can be picture- perfect in some places and miserable in others. To get the best advice, call a camping gear shop near your destinatio­n before you go. They have phenomenal knowledge of their area. Ask about fall weather, hiking trails, desirable campsites and other points of interest.

3 Bring extra tarps and warm clothes

Between rain and colder temperatur­es, you will probably need more layers for yourself and your gear. To outlast for rain (or surprise snow) in the fall, pack extra tarps to hang over trees to

provide more coverage.

4 Be bear-aware

You know who else is out gallivanti­ng in the outdoors during the fall? Bears fatting up for winter. If a bear box to protect food is not available, hang food from a tree, a minimum three metres off the ground and 1.5 metres away from the tree itself so a bear cannot

climb and grab it. Avoid storing food in your vehicle, as bears can easily rip the door off to get whatever’s inside.

5 Be extremely cautious with fires

Some areas may prohibit fires, but if not, observe super- strict fire safety. When putting a campfire out, pour water over it, stirring the ashes after each douse. Repeat the process until you’re sure the fire is dead. There should be no smoke. Don’t just throw dirt over top — it may look good, but actually it’s almost like

an oven baking in there.

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