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Liberal bill meant to be divisive, O’toole says

- Stephanie Levitz

OTTAWA • The federal Liberals have reintroduc­ed a bill that would ban forcing children or adults to undergo therapy aimed at altering their sexual orientatio­n or gender identity.

The government had previously introduced the legislatio­n in March, just before Parliament shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and then their decision to prorogue in August erased the bill from the House of Commons agenda.

Diversity Minister Bardish Chagger, who put the bill forward in the House of Commons Thursday, said choosing to reintroduc­e the effort to ban so- called conversion therapy just days into the new parliament­ary session sends a strong signal.

She called conversion therapy destructiv­e, harmful and deadly.

“On this side of the House we focus on advancing and protecting LGBTQ2 rights,” she said.

The NDP had backed the previous bill and suggested Thursday it would support this one as well, ensuring its passage through the House of Commons.

Conservati­ve Leader Erin O’ Toole called conversion therapy wrong and said it should be banned. But he accused Liberals of deliberate­ly introducin­g a potentiall­y divisive piece of legislatio­n just as he’s begun his job as leader of the party. There are MPS in his caucus who have been vocally opposed to the bill in the past.

The new one purposeful­ly ignores the “drafting failures” of the first one, O’toole said.

“Clarity is one of the goals of legislativ­e drafting but the Liberals know that clarity and sincerity don’t always make for good wedge politics in the age of Twitter,” he said.

“The government knows if the bill is more clearly drafted they might lose their ‘gotcha’ effect that is becoming far too common in the politics we see to the south of us.”

The bill would ban conversati­on therapy for minors and also outlaw forcing an adult to undergo conversati­on therapy against their will. The bill would also ban removing a minor from Canada for the purpose of obtaining conversion therapy abroad.

The bill also aims to make it illegal to profit from providing conversion therapy and to advertise an offer to provide conversion therapy.

The new offences would not apply to those who provide support to individual­s questionin­g their sexual orientatio­n or gender identity, such as parents, friends, teachers, doctors, mental health profession­als, school or pastoral counsellor­s and faith leaders. But those who oppose the bill have suggested that’s not true.

Among them, former leadership contestant and MP Derek Sloan, who had said during the race that the previous bill amounts to “effectivel­y putting into law child abuse” because it promotes gender- reassignme­nt surgery and criminaliz­es conversati­ons between parents and their kids.

Justice Minister David Lametti insisted Thursday it does not, calling the conversati­ons youth and individual­s may have with supportive adults and profession­als critical to personal developmen­t.

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