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Trump’s team rejects changing debate rules

- Ben Riley- Smith

WASHINGTON• Donald Trump’s campaign and the White House have criticized the presidenti­al debate organizers’ announceme­nt that rule changes are coming.

The Commission on Presidenti­al Debates said there would be “additional structure” to ensure a more orderly discussion in the two remaining debates between Trump and Joe Biden, the Democratic presidenti­al nominee.

One specific change they are considerin­g, according to The Associated Press, is giving the debate moderator the ability to cut off the microphone of one candidate to allow the other to answer a question. The idea is being discussed after Trump interrupte­d either Biden or the moderator dozens of times during the 90-minute debate in Cleveland, while Biden interrupte­d the other men far fewer times.

Details of format changes are yet to be announced, but Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh has rejected the need for any modificati­ons.

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