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Hotel Jobs return in a Handful of Large U. S. cities


The hard- hit hospitalit­y industry is starting to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic — at least in a few U.S. cities. August employment in the accommodat­ions sector in five metro areas climbed to at least 80 per cent of where it stood a year earlier, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data analyzed by Bloomberg. This compares with about 60 per cent for the nation. As consumers stopped travelling and eating out, hotel jobs took a beating. But five cities sprinkled around the country — Reno, Nev.; Omaha, Neb.; Denver, Salt Lake City and Atlanta — are showing signs of recovery as some business and leisure travel resumes. At the other end of the spectrum, hotel employment remains down by at least 50 per cent from a year ago in nine of 40 metro areas examined.

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