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The number of people moved through U. S. airport security checkpoint­s Sunday — the most since the beginning of the pandemic, according to officials with the Transporta­tion Security Administra­tion. The number was still far below what it was in 2019 when more than 2.4 million people were screened on the same day. Despite recommenda­tions by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that people not travel during the holiday season, December proved to be one of the busiest months at airports across the U. S. The TSA , as well as airports and airlines, have adopted measures to slow the spread of the coronaviru­s, including requiring people to wear masks and practise social distancing. The TSA said it has installed nearly 7,000 acrylic barriers at 384 airports across the country. Still, since any travel carries risks, health officials are worried about a possible uptick in coronaviru­s infections tied to holiday travel.

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