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Mayor caught without pants in interview


The mayor of Antwerp suffered a wardrobe malfunctio­n during an interview from his home when an unfortunat­ely placed mirror revealed he was wearing no trousers.

Bart De Wever, the mayor of Belgium’s second- largest city, seemed to have dressed the part for a radio interview by wearing a smart, checked shirt But he decided not to bother with trousers, believing that his lower half was safely out of shot of his phone’s camera.

Unfor tunately for De Wever, the mirror behind him revealed his underwear to viewers watching the Flemish Radio 2 morning show via a web livestream.

It took until the fourminute mark of the short interview on Saturday for the presenter to gently break the news of his unwanted exposure.

“You are wearing a very nice shirt, probably you donned it especially for us. But under that shirt, could it be that you are there in your underwear?” Kim Debrie asked De Wever.

“How do you know that?” De Wever said, before realizing what the problem was.

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