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Best Western off ers U.K. hotels as backup hospitals


Best Western is spearheadi­ng a plan to turn as many as 500 hotels into “cottage hospitals” that could ease the pressure on the NHS as it reels from surging COVID cases. The reconfigur­ed sites would handle pre- surgery assessment­s, IV treatments such as for antibiotic­s or dialysis, as well as MRI and CTI scans and post- COVID recovery support, according to proposals sent to the Cabinet Office this week. The hotel chain is already in talks with St Bartholome­w’s NHS trust in London, and Kent and Medway trust. According to documents seen by The Daily Telegraph, Best Western has been working to “support preparatio­ns for winter planning and the second wave of COVID-19 regionally or nationally.” It is unclear whether ministers will back the plans and put forward a nationwide response.

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