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A surgeon in northweste­rn Alberta has been found guilty of unprofessi­onal conduct for hanging a rope in the shape of a noose on an operating room door. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta says that dr. Wynand Wessels acted with the intention of sending a message that could be interprete­d as “intimidati­ng or threatenin­g.” But the decision by a college hearing tribunal says there was not enough evidence to show Wessels was motivated by racism. The rope was put up on a door leading to an operating room in Grande Prairie, Alta., on June 24, 2016. A hearing into the incident was told Dr. Wessels grew up in South Africa during Apartheid and liked making knots. Wessels suggested the gesture was about team-building and was not directed at any person, but the decision says it was seen as violent and racist by many colleagues. The college says sanctions will be determined 29% at a later hearing.

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