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Survey Finds Brexit woes at Small u.k. manufactur­ers


New post-brexit trade restrictio­ns have pushed up the cost of parts and raw materials for twothirds of small British manufactur­ers surveyed last month. The survey of nearly 300 firms by consultant­s South West Manufactur­ing Advisory Service (SWMAS) and the Manufactur­ing Growth Programme, a government and European Union-funded initiative providing support to small firms, adds to the picture of disruption from customs checks that came into force Jan. 1 for goods trade with the EU. “Price hikes in the supply chain have been immediate, and we are hearing tales of lead times being extended on raw materials,” said nick Golding, managing director of SWMAS. Some 65 per cent of manufactur­ers reported higher costs, and 54 per cent said they had greater difficulti­es exporting to the EU.

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