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The U.S. government has issued a warning over Havana Syndrome, urging diplomats and intelligen­ce officers to immediatel­y flee the area if they begin experienci­ng symptoms. The White House sent a memo to the Pentagon last week that “anomalous health incidents” — known as Havana Syndrome because it was first detected in Cuba — pose a real and serious danger. Those experienci­ng a sudden and acute onset of pressure, sound or heat in the head should report them as soon as possible. The condition first emerged in 2016 when two-dozen CIA officers reported suffering from a “buzzing” and intense pressure in their skull, as well as nausea and dizziness. A study of affected diplomats found they had some form of brain injury, but could not determine the cause. While there is no consensus on the cause, a co-author of the study considered microwave weapons “a main suspect.” American officials have reported symptoms in Vietnam, Austria, Britain, Cuba, China and Washington DC. At least 200 cases are under investigat­ion.

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