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NAIROBI/DAKAR The World Health Organizati­on said on Wednesday the only approved vaccine against malaria should be widely given to African children, potentiall­y marking a major advance against a disease that kills hundreds of thousands of people annually.

The WHO recommenda­tion is for RTS,S, or Mosquirix, a vaccine developed by British drugmaker Glaxosmith­kline.

Since 2019, 2.3 million doses of Mosquirix have been administer­ed to infants in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi in a large-scale pilot coordinate­d by the WHO. The majority of those whom the disease kills are aged under five.

“This is a vaccine developed in Africa by African scientists and we’re very proud,” said WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu­s. “This vaccine is a gift to the world but its value will be felt most in Africa.”

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