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As the tides of the automotive industry shift to electric vehicles, BMW isn’t in a rush to ride the first wave. It’s not for lack of interest in a more sustainabl­e line of vehicles. Instead, the German automaker is being patient as the global electric vehicle infrastruc­ture continues to evolve and stabilize. Speaking with Automotive News Europe this past week, BMW developmen­t chief Frank Weber was adamant the company would take its time to pivot its commitment­s to electric vehicles in the long term and focus on its current line of internal-combustion engine vehicles for the time being. “For electric mobility, the question is not when the combustion engine is ending,” Weber told Automotive News. “The question is: When is the system ready to absorb all those battery-electric vehicles?... ” A perceived lack of preparedne­ss to handle an influx of electric vehicles is enough reason for Weber and BWM to pause, highlighti­ng that moving to an all-electric line of vehicles will force drivers to buy into a system that can’t quite handle the demand.

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