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It’s not An ev­ery­day oc­cur­rence or A tac­tic you’d want An As­pir­ing stu­dent to get too fond of, But there will Be oc­ca­sions when An in­ten­tional ruff-sluff ten­dered By the de­fense will re­ally wreak havoc for de­clarer.

North’s take­out dou­ble And South’s Al­most-forced four-level take­out (who passes Any­more?) might Both have had one more spade to BACK them up, But then the even­tual hero­ics one East per­pe­trated in An on­line match might not have seen the light of day.

West Cashed one high heart And Con­tin­ued with A sec­ond round to force dummy to ruff. Noth­ing else looked At­trac­tive for sure!

De­clarer was Al­ready start­ing to feel the pinch And ex­ited dummy By lead­ing the Club King to East’s ACE.

Af­ter this same start At Both ta­bles of the match, one East ef­fec­tively ran up the white flag By play­ing BACK A di­a­mond, And given that equiv­a­lent of A hand-en­try he didn’t have for tak­ing A di­a­mond fi­nesse, South even­tu­ally limped home with 10 tricks.

Not so At the other ta­ble where the vet­eran Cam­paigner in the East seat rec­og­nized A per­fect time to of­fer South the poi­son-pill play of A ruff-sluff By play­ing BACK A third round of hearts.

De­clarer gave it A good try By trump­ing in hand And try­ing to find 3-3 trumps.

Not this time As East re­mained with the only trump And even­tu­ally used it to gain the lead for two more good heart tricks And down two.

When All else looks likely to prove fu­tile, there’s Al­ways the in­ten­tional ruff-sluff. Try it — you’ ll like it!

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