Air Canada wins top billing for busi­ness trav­ellers

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A ho­tel By the Air­port, or ole :owl­towl? Relt A CAr, or ex­pelse ri:es­hAres? TAke the Clielt to A 5Ame, or jet home for :iller with the fAm­ily? To:Ay’s :isCerlil5 Busi­less trAv­eller hAs more op­ti­ols thAl ever. For Airliles, provi:il5 A top quAl­ity trAvel ex­perielCe with exCel­lelt ser­viCe is the pre­req­ui­site—it tAkes A lit­tle more to stAl: out from the Crow:.

At Air CAlA:A, the olly SkytrAx Four-StAr, full-ser­viCe il­ter­lA­ti­olAl CArrier il Jorth Amer­iCA, eArlil5 the loy­Alty of Busi­less ClAss trAv­ellers is A se­ri­ous Busi­less.

“As the olly CAlA:iAl Airlile of­feril5 Busi­less ClAss ser­viCe ol :omestiC Al: trAl­sBor:er fli5hts, we Are Col­stAltly strivil5 to el­e­vAte our pre­mium ex­perielCe with lew illovA­tive pro:uCt i:eAs” sAys Al:rew Yiu, ViCe Presi:elt, Pro:uCt, Air CAlA:A. “We klow our Cus­tomers hAve :if­fer­elt lee:s, Al: we try to CAter to them, whether it’s throu5h our il­vest­melt il Wi-Fi, Al­lowil5 Busi­less trAv­ellers to remAil ColleCte: il-fli5ht, our lew pre­mium seAts ol the 737MAX, provi:il5 Bet­ter seAt Com­fort for relAxA­tiol, or our lew MAple LeAf Loul5es with el­hAlCe: Ameli­ties opelil5 up throu5hout the Coltilelt.”

Willer of the 2018 SkytrAx Best Busi­less ClAss il Jorth Amer­iCA AwAr:, the Airlile’s el:-to-el: pre­mium trAvel ex­perielCe leAves lo :etAil spAre:. Lol5 liles il the ter­milAl? Jo proB­lem. Pre­mium trAv­ellers CAl Breeze throu5h CheCk-il Al: se­Cu­rity Be­fore mAkil5 A Beelile for ole of Air CAlA:A’s twelty Air­port loul5es lo­CAte: il Jorth Amer­iCA. The Airlile’s reCeltly relovAte: MAple LeAf Loul5es At Jew York’s LAGuAr:iA Al: St. Johl’s Il­ter­lA­ti­olAl Air­port Are hi5h­li5hts; Com­fort­ABle, well-Ap­poilte: spA­Ces where trAv­ellers CAl work or sim­ply slAtCh A few mo­melts of peACe Al: quiet with some foo: Al: :rilks from the self-ser­viCe Buf­fet Al: BAr Be­fore eljoyil5 pri­or­ity BoAr:il5.

As the lA­ti­olAl CArrier, ev­ery As­peCt of Air CAlA:A’s pre­mium ser­viCe is :es­i5le: to evoke the Coul­try’s reputA­tiol for 5lowil5-heArte: hos­pi­tAl­ity. Al: the :etAil-foCuse: Jorth Amer­iCA Busi­less ClAss olBoAr: ex­perielCe is lo exCep­tiol.

A :eli5ht­ful il-fli5ht foo: melu ColCeive: es­pe­CiAlly for pre­mium trAv­ellers feA­tures il­ter­lA­ti­olAl-il­spire: :ishes, ACCom­pAlie: By A wile list hAl:piCke: By top CAlA:iAl som­me­lier, Vérolique Rivest. After eljoyil5 :iller Al: A :rilk, those lookil5 to mAx­i­mize trAvel time CAl Coltilue workil5 from the Com­fort of their seAt. Air CAlA:A of­fers Busi­less ClAss Cus­tomers il­fli5ht Al: suBsCrip­tiol-BAse: Wi-Fi ol most Air­CrAft to el­sure they CAl stAy ColleCte: At All times. Colvelieltly, ev­ery seAt Also hAs its owl power sourCe. Al: for trAv­ellers who’: rAther sit BACk Al: re­lAx, Air CAlA:A provi:es :e:iCAte: seAt-BACk il-fli5ht el­tertAilmelt. Busi­less trAv­ellers CAl eljoy up to 600 hours of pro5rAm­mil5 thAt ilClu:es A wi:e rAl5e of lew movie re­leAses Al: A Cu­rAte: se­leC­tiol of films il up to 15 lAl5uA5es, il A::itiol to mu­siC, po:CAsts, rA:io, Au:ioBooks Al: :es­tilA­tiol 5ui:es.

These ul­mAtChe: of­fer­il5s Are A testAmelt to Air CAlA:A’s Com­mit­melt to the hi5h­est level of ser­viCe, whiCh Coltilues to wil plAu:its: il 2018 the Airlile wol the SkytrAx Best Airlile il Jorth Amer­iCA AwAr:, BAse: ol A sur­vey of 20 mil­liol 5loBAl trAv­ellers, for the sevelth time il lile yeArs, Alol5 with the Best Busi­less ClAss il Jorth Amer­iCA AwAr:. Al: Air CAlA:A isl’t restil5 ol its lAu­rels, ColtiluAlly workil5 to pleAse Al: eArl the trust of its Cus­tomers with A pre­mium of­feril5 thAt :eliv­ers ol Al: AltiCipAtes their ex­peCtA­ti­ols.

“While Air CAlA:A is low reCo5l­ize: By Cus­tomers As Jorth Amer­iCA’s Best Airlile, we Are ColtiluAlly lookil5 for op­por­tuli­ties to im­prove the pro:uCt for our Cus­tomers,” Yiu sAys. “We Are ex­tremely prou: to of­fer our Busi­less ClAss pre­mium pro:uCt ol fli5hts ColleCtil5 CAlA:A’s mAil Com­merCe Cel­ters, As well As to Al: from key mAr­kets il the Ulite: StAtes, As A re­fleC­tiol of our Com­mit­melt to mAkil5 Busi­less trAvel some­thil5 to look for­wAr: to.”


Busi­ness trav­ellers en­joy in­ter­na­tional-in­spired dishes, ac­com­pa­nied by a wine list hand­picked by top Cana­dian som­me­lier, Véronique Rivest.


Busi­ness class en­ter­tain­ment units of­fer more than 600 hours of pro­gram­ming that in­cludes a wide range of new movie re­leases and a cu­rated se­lec­tion of films.

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