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Test for antibodies


Re: Canada pushing for more vaccines faster, Dec. 19

When we get infected with a virus our immune system reacts, we make antibodies, and with luck we fight off the infection. Then we have antibodies on board so we're immune. So, as we roll out the new vaccines, will we be smart enough to exclude everyone who's been infected and so is already protected? It gets us a better herd immunity quicker and doesn't waste the precious vaccine early on.

We could test for this — LifeLabs in Ontario will do a COVID antibody test for $75. There are precedents for proving the vaccine works; when surgeons like me get their hepatitis shots to protect our patients from our potentiall­y infecting them, we have to get a hepatitis antibody test afterward to make sure that the shot “took.”

OK we might say, what about cases where people have had COVID twice? That happens; who hasn't had the flu twice in one winter season? No immunity will ever be perfect.

Dr. Drew A. Bednar, Ancaster, Ont.

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