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Pareto principle


Re: Staring down unhappy holidays, Chris Selley, Dec. 22

I live east of Toronto, in a region not overtly high in COVID infections. Upon notice on Sunday that provincial lockdowns were coming, my barber texted me to ask if I'd like to come in Monday morning (as my regular appointmen­t during the lockdown period would be cancelled). He runs a one-person operation. One client at a time. You wait outside while he scrubs the chairs, floor and sinks, and cleans all the barber tools before each client. He brings you in when his cleanup is done. You sign in, and sanitize. Distance is maintained, as much as is allowed. His lease is up for renewal, and he said his landlord could not be bothered to do the paperwork to allow him rent relief, so does he renew his lease, knowing the government, in its scattersho­t manner, will prolong the lockdowns? His shop is immaculate, and he cleans it as if it were an operating room. This decent, hardworkin­g gentleman, who came to Canada to raise his family, and find better, has exceeded every protocol, every one, yet he faces financial ruin.

As always in our daily lives, the government ignores the 20 per cent (as per the Pareto principle) who cause 80 per cent of all the problems, and devastates the good people in their wake.

Mike Lunny, Whitby, Ont.

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