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Trudeau's oil legacy


Re: A question for O'Toole and the Tories, Rex Murphy, Dec. 19

Rex Murphy has written, in my mind, the most poignant article of his career. Justin Trudeau is so distanced by birth and money from the real world in which the majority of Canadians live that he has alienated great hordes of the unwashed (oily hands) and the swathes of rich farmland they inhabit. The irony here is that Trudeau's money comes from oil. His grandfathe­r — Charles-Émile (Charley) Trudeau — made his fortune building and owning gas stations. His son and grandson have spent their careers disowning the legacy but not the cash.

A soon-to-come referendum in the West will send the Québécois dream of separation to the grave, having nothing left from which to separate.

Larry Baswick, Stratford, Ont.

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